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Go-Vista Black_White - Version 2.5.1 - for Joomla 2.5

Go-Vista Black_White template for Joomla 2.5 with optimized menu styling for submenus and active menu points.

Go-Vista Black_White template with version 2.5.1 is created and tested for Joomla! 2.5.
Please report errros as comment at the end of this posting.
Download: (666 KB)


problem on google chrome


I'm using your template and to be honest I really like it. But I've noticed one small problem. On google chrome if you open a website the banner flashes once light green color, just for a second. I've checked ie and firefox and the template working fine on them. That's only happening on google chrome. Is there any chance to sort it out? It's a little bit annoying to be honest. I will pay for the template because you've done good work with it.


GO-Vista BW component title display

Thanks for the template. Im playing with it at the moment
Ive turned on xhtml on the positions in the index.php to get my component titles displaying.
I cant see where I can have a graphic displayed behind that title.
I'm guessing it should be in the template.css.css file.
The component I'm playing with is "Latests JEvents".
Some pictures of your website Ive seen, seem to have a background image on the component titles.
Can you help, let me know what I have to add
Perth - Western Australia

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